Best ways to choose quality vietnam hosting company

December 5, 2016

How to identify the quality Vietnam hosting company? This is maybe a popular question for many people.

After registering a domain name, you have an address on the Internet. However, the data of website is contained on your web host. Web hosting is a service for renting server space to put the website on the Internet. In a simple way if the domain name is the address, website will be a house and web hosting is a land. When using website hosting services, you should note some of the details below:

Where is the web hosting located?

You have to estimate where is your website traffics from? It is necessary for you to choose the domestic server for small company that get domestic user. Because if the server is located abroad, the access speed will be limited due to the international line widths can happens. But you can choose the quality top hosting Vietnam with superior service and support commitments.


Have a web hosting supported the special features of the website?

There are many programming languages as well as databases management program that can be used to design the websites. Web hosting services chosen have to meet suitable demands.

Do not believe 100% in hosting company advertising if they said that their hosting service can support all of the functions of website. The majority of servers are often installed to support all functions. But these servers operate so slow because of big management system that usually cannot be used.

How often do you backup data?

No one make sure that no error will happen to your website. The worst problem for your website system is to be lost all data website.  So let ask web hosting providers if they have data backup service regularly? You should know that information is priceless!

Have hosting bandwidth limited?

Bandwidth is the maximum data that transfers between the website and users each month. Assuming that loading one page takes 1.000KB (including all images on the website). One user creating 5 page views will take the average 5,000 KB. With the bandwidth package of 10GB/month, the maximum page views can be 2,000 per month.

You should choose hosting unlimited Vietnam service or large bandwidth package (over 100GB/month) to protect your website from blocking because of using exceeded bandwidth.

What is advantage of email hosting service?

The email marketing campaigns will be more effective if using email hosting instead of free email marketing services. This is especially important to companies which have a large number of customers and use email marketing as the main marketing tool. Although private mail hosting Vietnam will protect your system from spam email, backlist, you should notice to system security. In business, you have to ensure that email services are always ready 24/24.  So it is better for your company to use email hosting services of reliable companies. Using server hosting Vietnam will make email marketing more effectively.

How to control security issue?

The most common security error in the web hosting service is leaking information, including code source. You have to require your provider make sure that no one can see your data. If you cannot, let ask a favor form experts.


Can I be refunded within 30 days?

The simplest way to identify the quality of hosting service is depending on their customer services, exactly refund policy. If you are not satisfied in the first 30 days of using their service, just get a refund!