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There are many reasons that can decrease page load speed, one of them may depend on the hosting Vietnam. The world seems to have grown into a space where everybody wants everything instantly. Nobody would want to spend their time waiting for a web to spin and load at its own pace. The speed of […]

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Upgrading your hosting Vietnam is necessary in case of there are many users browsing your website at the same time. What makes website hosting an important factor? When the user browses through a website and tries to load a page, they are necessarily operating programs and accessing files from the web server. If that webserver […]

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In the recent times, hosting Vietnam websites have been ruling the internet. Today’s businesses, be it big or small, are seeking highly reliable cloud hosting solutions and if they have a choice of Managed WordPress hosting platforms they look no further in most of the cases. Several hosting providers that offer such a service are […]




Many of us don’t want to reveal our web hosting in Vietnam’s IP, domain ownership information, and sensible facts related to a popular site. This is where anonymous web hosting comes into the picture. Beware – anybody can see your hosting infomation If somebody gets inquisitive to know the hosting details of a particular domain […]




With new achievement in the field of Internet and hosting unlimited Vietnam service, internet speed is improved significantly. Internet is a small society, where has both good and bad sides. Internet is one of the most important infrastructures of each nation. Firstly, the Internet is considered to be new technology. 5 years later, it helps […]




Magento hosting Vietnam has been popular for a long time. It is known as an open source e-commerce platform that is created in PHP. What is Magento? Magento is an open source ecommerce that is used to create website. It was launched on March 31, 2008. Magento was developed by Varien along with other the developers in […]




Currently there are many Vietnam hosting suppliers. Depending on your demands you can choose the best hosting in Vietnam.  The purchase of international domain names and hosting from foreign vendors are so popular with individuals and business. However it is quite unfamiliar to everyone for buying from Vietnamese suppliers. This is because of its redundancy […]




When email security becomes more important, it is necessary for you to choose the best mail hosting Vietnam service. What we can see This article may be helpful for those who get started with email marketing. There are some basic definitions you should know before using an email service. Actually sometimes not understanding the specialized […]




DOS (denial of service) caused usually a temporary interruption of a hosting service Vietnam on the Internet. This attack is dangerous actions that make sever or network resource are not available to users. The most popular denial of service attack is related to significantly increasing access even to top hosting Vietnam at the same time. In […]




Security experts have published a list of 10 most malicious codes that caused biggest attacks to web hosting Vietnam all over the world. Last May there are over 2,300 different malicious codes that attacked to the organization’s network and hosting wordpress Vietnam. The rapid increase of malware variants is a difficult challenge of the security […]