Hundreds of magento cloud hosting vietnam are attacked

November 11, 2016

Magento web hosted by cloud hosting Vietnam is widely used by online retailers as well as small and large ecommerce enterprises.

Magento is an open source ecommerce that is used to create website. It was launched on March 31, 2008. Magento was developed by Varien along with other the developers in the open-source-code community. However it belongs to Magento Inc. Actually Magento is built on Zend Framework platform and it uses EAV – entity-attribute-value to store data. Magento Community Edition (or Magento CE) is a free available version of Magento. Magento source code was widely used by online retailers with about 150 000 websites, consisting of small e-commerce website and large websites of multinational enterprises.


Recently, security experts of Bleeping Computer and Malware Hunter Team have discovered a new extortion malware called KimcilWare. This malware has the ability to encrypt and add the extension “.kimcilware” to all your files when it attacks to Magento hosting Vietnam service. Hackers can also add a file “index.html” to attacked websites and require the users to pay 140 USD to recover data. The infected KimcilWare computer’s victims have been guided by hackers by the address tuyuljahat (at) This address is also used by MireWare, a malicious code on Windows.

VirusTotal analysis website said that there are only two anti-virus software (TrendMicro and Bkav) can detect this malicious code. This anti-virus software with anti-malware data encryption features – called Anti ransomware- can be able to automatically protect users. When malicious code KimCilWare starts to pervade to your computer, it will be detected and disabled. The user can be informed immediately to resolve this.

From then to now, the experts still not clearly know the way hackers use to spread KimCilWare. And it is not ensured that if this malware was built to attack to the commercial websites using Magento platform uses it or not. However, no information was confirmed about the malicious code KimCilWare on other platforms.


To prevent your Mageto web hosting Vietnam from the risk of data encryption malware such as KimCilWare, administrator of e-commerce websites must frequently check their website to detect security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. Individual users should also install anti data encryption malware software to protect themselves.

Recently, open source code Magento platform has overcome more critical vulnerabilities. Magento security updated version released on 30 March 2016 includes features of XSS (Cross-site Scripting), password detection and some issue of data protection mechanisms.