Some popular questions about hosting vietnam

November 28, 2016

When using hosting Vietnam service, the customers have some questions. This article will answer some of the popular as the followings.

  1. What is Hosting?

Hosting service is rental storage-space on a server on the internet environment. We can imagine that a server is a personal computer and hosting seems to be like a folder on that computer.

Example you have one file on your computer, and now you want to share it to others, you need to upload this file to the network. This file’s storage space will be called hosting. Of cause hosting can contain larger things not just a file!


  1. Some simple definition types of hosting/server

– Shared hosting: hosting is shared for many users.

– Collocated hosting: server space for rent.

– Dedicated Server: owning server.

– Virtual Private Server: virtual private server.

  1. The parameters

– Operating system of the server hosting Vietnam: currently there are two common types of OS, these are Linux and Windows.

     + Linux Hosting: hosting support the programming language PHP, Joomla and the open sources.

     + Windows Hosting: Windows hosting support the programming language ASP, ASP.Net, HTML because these language will operate effectively on Windows Hosting. Windows hosting can support PHP but ASP is more appreciate programming language.

– Storage: storage memory allows you upload data to hosting.

– Bandwidth: the amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. This parameter is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second for digital devices and in cycles per second or Hertz for analog devices.


– PHP: PHP support version.

– Max file: the maximum amount of files can be uploaded to hosting.

– Addon domain: the number of domains that you can be created with the hosting.

– Subdomain: the number of adding domains can be created from main domain.

– Email account: the number of e-mail can be created and stored along with hosting.

  1. Where to buy hosting?

You can buy foreign hosting or hosting service Vietnam. If your website gets mainly domestic traffic, you should choose to buy the best web hosting in Vietnam. The cost will depend on the storage space, bandwidth and other parameters.

– FTP account: the number of FTP accounts that you can create and upload to hosting.


  1. Why should purchase the website Hosting?

We can see that the website will only work on your computer without hosting, and data will not be shared on the network. So for companies and organization it is necessary to purchase a hosting package.