Things to know when using mail hosting vietnam

December 26, 2016

When email security becomes more important, it is necessary for you to choose the best mail hosting Vietnam service.

What we can see

This article may be helpful for those who get started with email marketing. There are some basic definitions you should know before using an email service. Actually sometimes not understanding the specialized terminology will make you get more troubles, so let learn in a simple way.

Firstly, we can understand that hosting is a storage space on the internet that allows you to store information resources such as website, email… Email hosting Vietnam is email service that operation on a separate server system, with the high security features. Unlike the free email services, email hosting allows users to customize the configuration and the number of accounts. Organizations and businesses use email hosting service to increase the reliability and email sending successful rate.


Main benefits of using email hosting

 Using email hosting services helps customers get more benefits. Email hosting service is based on the dedicated server clusters that provide a high stability. Therefore, the IP sent from email hosting always accepted by other servers so your emails will be send and forward nearly immediately. Email hosting allows users to:

– Customize the configuration and the number of accounts.

– Improve reliability and confirm information when sending emails.

– Increase the successful rate of sending emails to the inbox.

– Provide management interface to user.

– Enhance security, restrict spam email/IP backlist and keep email traffic always available.

– Use their own email domain name, you cannot find this benefit by using free hosting in Vietnam.

– To be provided technical support quickly and promptly whenever problems occur.


Of course these benefits are guaranteed if you choose the quality and reliable email hosting service provider. The fact that the demand of business email system as well as email marketing is the reason for increase of many email service companies. The email marketing campaigns will be more effective if using email hosting instead of free email marketing services. This is especially important to companies which have a large number of customers and use email marketing as the main marketing tool. Although private hosting service Vietnam will protect your system from spam email, backlist, you should notice to system security. In business, you have to ensure that email services are always ready 24/24.  So it is better for your company to use email hosting services of reliable companies. The simplest way to identify the quality of hosting service is depending on their customer services, exactly refund policy. If you are not satisfied in the first 30 days of using their service, just get a refund!