Top 10 best hosting in vietnam

January 13, 2017

Currently there are many Vietnam hosting suppliers. Depending on your demands you can choose the best hosting in Vietnam.

 The purchase of international domain names and hosting from foreign vendors are so popular with individuals and business. However it is quite unfamiliar to everyone for buying from Vietnamese suppliers. This is because of its redundancy procedures, complex payment, high cost and unprofessional service.

Vietnam hosting service

  • No language barriers.
  • Monopoly of registration of “.vn” domain names with high price.
  • Do not be affected by undersea cable.
  • If the users are mainly Vietnamese, web hosting Vietnam speed will be faster (it is also ok with Singapore and Japan Data Center)


Foreign hosting service

  • Easily and quickly to buy. Hosting and domain registration is completed in only 30 seconds.
  • Payment method: by PayPal, credit card.
  • There are many promotions and coupons with cheap price of domain.
  • It was said to be unsafe for usage. The problem is you have to choose reliable vendors like Godaddy. The $ 0.99 domain name package is used by hundreds of millions people more than a decade.

Top 10 hosting in Vietnam

In recent years we can see that there a lot of hosting Vietnam provider that has proven its qualification in the field of hosting and domain service. They usually upgrade the latest technology, improve customer support service by email, online chat and phone at all times.

According to statistics from VNNIC, there are about 13 domain name vendors (as well as a hosting provider) along with more than 300 professional service providers now. This makes difficult for you to choose the best hosting while there are more and more people choose Vietnamese hosting vendors for their business. Let take a look to top 10 famous hosting service Vietnam providers below.

  1. VDC
  2. FPT
  3. Viettel
  4. StormEyes
  5. PA Vietnam
  6. Impersonal
  7. Hostinger
  8. DIGISTAR (Recommended)
  9. VinaHost (Recommended)
  10. HostVN (Recommended)
  11. Vhost (Recommended)


This statistic of best web hosting in Vietnam depends on these components:

  • Only for provider registered in VNNIC
  • Statistic on impressive technology
  • Statistic on communication activities
  • Statistic on software and customer support
  • Statistics on market share of Vietnam hosting provider
  • Statistics on the activities on large information technology forum like, Vn.,,
  • Statistics on brand
  • Statistics on community activities popularity
  • Statistics on stability
  • Statistics on speed