Advantages and disadvantages of free hosting in vietnam

October 17, 2016

Free hosting in Vietnam is a service that allows you to sign up for a hosting with a cost of 0. It is suitable for the website beginners.

Some of the popular free hosting provider

  • OpenShift
  • HapHost
  • ByetHost
  • Ofees
  • Freehostia
  • AwardSpace
  • Server Free
  • 000webhost


Advantages of free hosting

You have a separate hosting on the internet environment with completely free.  This is also the only advantages of this service.

Disadvantages of free hosting

  • Do not support own domain name. Many providers require you to buy domain name to get free hosting services, while others offer you a free subdomain such as [yourdomainname]. [webhost]. [com]. You cannot be possible to transfer free subdomains like that, so be careful.
  • Valid resources are so low. We all know that the valid capacity is the most important thing to hosting. Most of the hosting Vietnam free service providers usually limit it about 15-100 Mb. If your website needs a large capacity, this can be the worst disadvantage.
  • Slow data loading speed makes the user does not want to visit your website the second time. No one likes to wait for so long while there are many other websites can offer the same information.
  • Limited bandwidth: Bandwidth is the amount of exchanged data between the website and users. With free hosting service, the bandwidth is usually limited about 0.5-1.5 GB. This means that if your site has many visitors, it will be affected to data loading speed as well as the number of visitors.


  • High website downtime rate
  • Bad security.
  • Many free hosting WordPress Vietnam service providers force you to add their or other company advertising banner on your website. This would affect the standard layout of the website and make distasteful. Users can be bothered by this.
  • Outdated software configurations, easy get errors when you set WordPress installation.
  • Technical support: The free hosting service providers often have bad technical support. Therefore, if your website is not accessible and has the slow loading speeds, you have to wait so long for customer support. The small online business will face many difficulties.

Other threads: A free best web hosting in Vietnam service can also be stopped at any time without prior notice. You will lose the data on its website but cannot complain. Maybe free hosting service should not be used for commercial purposes. CGI and PHP are also invalid to free hosting.