Choose the best hosting Vietnam for WordPress

October 5, 2017

Having access to a standalone Linux based server is the best option for WordPress hosting Vietnam.

Alternatively, one can explore wide range of hosting packages to make up for lack of in-house expertise and to improve focus on business growth by concentrating on core competence.

Principal hosting options include dedicated server, shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting among others. You can also try using content delivery networks for quick and region specific delivery of web content. WordPress lets you try any of these hosting options to facilitate site performance but few choices are found to be superior in terms of intensive support for WordPress hosting.

  1. VPS

VPS can be considered as a glorified version of web hosting. VPS entitles the users to independently access important resources and also a root access to server in addition to affordability of shared environment. The clients can choose between unmanaged and managed service according to the level of on-site technical talent or need to offload day-to-day server management tasks.

VPS Vietnamese hosting can be considered as a better options for moderate web applications whilst shared WordPress can suffice small companies that do not see any big jump in traffic in near future. However, for large organizations that want to manage exponentially large traffic volumes including sudden traffic spikes, it’s better to explore solution of cloud and CDN hosting. It provides high scalability so that organizations can plan ambitious growth objectives without worrying about resources.

Hosting Vietnam

  1. Shared hosting

In shared hosting, a web hosting service vendor adds accounts to a single server and usually there are as many accounts on a server as possible. The arrangement is designed to enable sharing of resources by a large number of accounts and every site is allotted specific amount of resources. Performance of sites in shared hosting depends on many aspects including behavior of neighboring accounts and traffic demands of sites. Shared hosting is a perfect fit for new ventures that are yet to grow and sites that are catering to limited requirements of individuals.

In case of select few WordPress websites, hosting may prove to be the perfect choice. It is preferred due to the affordability of multi-tenancy. Shared hosting is convenient option for users since all aspects of management and security are taken care of by hosting vendor. Shared hosting offers majority of tools required by users and comparatively easier to setup as well as use. Users of shared hosting services are not expected to be highly proficient in technical aspects of server management since the vendor offers sound support to resolve technical glitches.

  1. Dedicated server

If you need to have a total control on the web server due to critical and demanding nature of the site, then dedicated hosting server Vietnam is the most suitable choice for your WordPress site. Like VPS hosting, dedicated server can be availed as unmanaged or managed hosting.

Since there is only one account per dedicated server, users are allowed to access entire gamut of resources provided by a single dedicated server. Users can even start their reseller hosting venture with help of dedicated hosting.

If you’re running a highly complicated website that needs to be protected by implementing advanced security measures, dedicated WordPress hosting is the right way to go. Dedicated servers can offer excellent support to development related workloads.


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