Common mistakes committed by hosting Vietnam provider

September 19, 2017

This article shows you 6 common mistakes that are committed by big hosting Vietnam providers. Don’t miss any one of them!

No IT infrastructure in company of any size or vertical can be scaled or secured without help from partners from the domain of IT like colocation vendors, managed service vendors or web hosting vendors. There has been a major shift in the way these IT services are outsourced over the years by influential decision makers.

  1. Absence of relevant objectives

Unless you know what your marketing objectives are, it would be simply impossible to attain anything. Many IT service vendors are obsessed by childish objectives of earning more followers, likes, or other similar vanity metrics and pursue an egoistic agenda without any regard to the right goals.

  1. Consuming all resources hosting

The strategy for proper utilization of revenues must be holistic and should focus on broad spectrum of elements including customer retention, lead generation, traffic generation, and sales cycle acceleration just to name a few. It is found that vendors of colocation, managed, or cloud Vietnamese hosting services follow limited strategy such as PPC or SEO.

  1. Using a blanket strategy for all prospects

In the era of individualization and segmentation, it would be disastrous to treat all your prospects in same manner. Unlike the past where it was fine to design a blanket strategy for a diverse group of customers, modern customers are more demanding and are relentlessly bombarded with so many campaigns for grabbing their fragmented attention. With reduced attention spans and limited time to win customers attention, you simply can’t afford to present a semi relevant marketing message.

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  1. Neglecting content promotion and distribution

Content promotion involves making general public aware about your products instead of focusing on specific targets. Most of the companies just push their content to couple of forums and forget about it without even bothering about the relevance of audience. If you need to maximize content exposure, then the proper combination of promotion as well as distribution must be tried.

  1. Getting rid of silo mentality

In current marketing scenario, hosting server Vietnam company is striving to grab attention of customers for getting found early. If there’s a silo mentality in an organization the makes sales and marketing department always at loggerheads, then it would be next to impossible to achieve the purpose. The has to be proper collaboration among sales, marketing and service sections and every department must feel complimentary to the other by getting aligned to deliver better results.

  1. Unable to be found at right time

The most important objective of any marketing strategy should be to be found out by right prospects early enough to be successful in winning deals. It’s important to be with the buyer throughout the progress to grab attention earlier than the competitors.

The above 6 mistakes are being brought to your attention so that you can address these problem proactively and will be able to stand out from the competition.