Considerations for choosing the right hosting Vietnam provider

September 19, 2017

High performing website as well as the good hosting Vietnam service is the lifeblood of any online companies.

In the majority of the cases, the significance of a good hosting service is felt after experiencing problems with the current web hosting vendor. It is better for you to take all precautions to choose a right hosting provider to avoid problem like slow page loading and downtime.

Unless we know details of web hosting features that’re available with different web hosting alternatives, it would not be possible to identify the right solution for our unique web hosting solutions. Let us understand 2 significant categories of web hosting including unmanaged and managed web hosting.

Hosting vietnam

  1. Managed hosting

This’s the right solution if are able to find the best web hosting since the entire responsibility of managing and maintaining your need to web lies with the hosting. With a sound web hosting support of an efficient hosting vendor your website is sure to perform seamlessly without any downtime problems whatsoever.

An additional advantage of managed web hosting Vietnam is optimization of the server for memory usage. Managed hosting service vendor executes tasks as per customers’ requirements. So you should ensure that such tasks are assigned to hosting providers since these would not be accomplished unless instructed.

The hosting will make sure that your server is secured with help of firewall setup so that your website will be kept away from DoS/DDoS attacks and spamming. Also, you can ask your hosting vendors to optimize your apps that are relevant to your web including Apache and MySQL. In addition to this, the hosting vendor will also ensure that all services are running flawlessly and will reboot the server in the event of any service failing to run or in the case of downtime.

  1. Unmanaged hosting

If you’ve chosen either dedicated server of VPS plan, you’ll need to choose between unmanaged and managed to host. Clients who’re proficient in the management of web servers or are working as system admins should consider the option of unmanaged Vietnam server hosting. Your hosting vendor will only provide a blank facility which has been setup with an OS and nothing more than that.

It’s not enough to have a fair knowledge of DNS and few Linux commands to choose unmanaged VPS or dedicated server plans. Unmanaged web hosting enables freedom of configuring the OS to suit the demands of users. Since the entire management and administration of web is the responsibility of customers, unmanaged web hosting is significantly more economical than managed web hosting.