Does your hosting Vietnam affect website load speed?

November 3, 2017

It is obvious that page load speed is so important. But how does hosting Vietnam affect page load speed and why is it so important?

  1. Role of high page load speed

Online consumers want stuff fast and the longer they have to wait the more akin they are to just give up and go elsewhere. It is the curse of immediate gratification. The faster your site loads, the better performance there will be across your website – from client conversion to user experience – leading to more prominence on Google search results.

  1. Hosting effects

There are many different factors as to why your website speed can be affected by your choice of hosting company. When you are initially choosing your web hosting Vietnam plan, you need to ensure it is suited for the purpose of your needs – you need a dedicated server or VPS for the starters as these offer unparalleled parameters for e-commerce sites that receive a lot of visitors and complicated sites which use lots of resources as a result.

If you are running a site in this sector and have cut corners by using a shared server it can result in an inadequate user experience for your clients and be the difference between your business being a success and a failure. Shared servers work well for most websites but if you are dealing with lots of traffic or high-maintenance web design there are greater options.

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  1. Other factors

A slow loading speed may not be totally the fault of your hosting though. The fault could lie with any number of problems with one of the main culprits including the configuration and coding of your website build leading to slow page loading. If you optimize this and your website still is not loading properly, you should contact your Vietnam hosting company to move you to another server – it is worth remembering that the more websites there are on a server, and the more resources those websites are using up, the slower your website will load.

Switching your website to a VPS or dedicated server will ensure high page load speed will be instantly improved.


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