Essential factors of good email hosting Vietnam

November 27, 2017

Email is important communication channel, so that your business should have email hosting Vietnam that meets the needs today’s marketplace.

In this post, we will explain exactly what you should look for when choosing an email hosting plan.

  1. Accessibility

Your email hosting should enable you to send and receive emails using Webmail, which can be accessed using any browser anywhere and anytime. You should also have the ability to use your email hosting service with all IMAP and POP compatible software and devices. A vital thing to consider here is the hardware your email servers operate on. You need email servers which are fast to ensure, whatever type of connection your device has, your mail and any attachments can be accessed or sent fast.

  1. Security

To help prevent data being stolen by hackers, you need a provider that can manage as well as monitor your email server for intrusion and prevents hackers getting access. To prevent the loss of your emails, whether from hardware failure or accidental deletion, you should also use an email hosting Vietnam that offers email backups and secure archiving as part of their packages. With protected archiving, your emails are compressed and encrypted, giving your organization the security it needs to stay legally compliant.

  1. Spam protection

To safeguard your email, you need an email hosting service that offers virus and spam protection as standard, keeping online extortions and vulnerabilities at bay. Viruses and spam can be important issues for your emails. Viruses will ransom your data, infect your devices and use your email accounts to send spam mails. Spam can clog up your inbox and waste your time and even contain phishing and other threats.

Hosting Vietnam

  1. Full of features

A good email service will offer the full of features that you expect from your email, including calendars, briefcases, contacts, tasks, and Outlook integration. You are allowed to create email boxes easily for your business domains as well as perform email functions and use an auto-responder. Besides, your hosting should offer you technical support via many channels such as ticket, live chat and phone.

  1. Blacklist check

If your mail server does get onto one of the many blacklists, it will mean that some of your emails will not be delivered and this could have really negative consequences for your business. Therefore, you need an email Vietnam hosting which will check blacklists proactively regularly and submit requests on your behalf to have your server’s IP address removed. Once removed, your hosting should investigate why you emails are blacklisted and fix it.

In a nutshell, as business methods and technology continues to develop the expectations you have of your email service will change too. Nowadays, the best email provider offers more than just the ability send and receive email. They also offer a range of accessibility, security and performance features which enhance your business capabilities.


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