Few tips to secure your hosting Vietnam

October 31, 2017

If you have used your personal website and hosting Vietnam, of course you want it to be recognized by many people throughout the world.

But, you must also be careful, just in case the visitors are not the real ones. In other words, you will never know whether the users click on your web page merely for visiting and dropping some positive feedback as you wish, or are they the attackers who like to damage your personal blog without any particular reasons. Do not worry because we have some strategies to deal with them.

There are many actions of the attackers to make a mess of your personal blog. Let us start from a simple one, for example, one of your posts has been changed by them for fun, without attacking the main database or deleting other files. So, all you have to do is to change all of the passwords both of your account in C-Panel or Vietnamese hosting position and your personal blog account. In addition, you can also install some security plugins to protect your web page more.

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Other action is when the attacker gives some HTML, PHP, or Java Script codes on your blog. Therefore, those formats will attack every file according to its name of this format. You should be careful if the attacker puts those codes on your web pages because the search engine will think that your blogs contain malicious scripts or malware. In summary, the attacker puts those codes on your pages so that they will also appear whilst your blogs are loading the contents.

Because of this matter, you have to change all of your passwords once more. Then, let’s download all the folders including the files from the web hosting Vietnam to your computer. You can do it using File Zilla app. Next, you should scan the whole data to find out what files that have been infected by the bad-ware. Remember that do not be hurry to eliminate the infected file, but quarantine them first, so in the future, we can repair those kinds of file not to be infected anymore. Finally, you should restore the infected files one by one into their folders then eliminate the malicious script codes.

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