How does hosting Vietnam affect the page loading speed? (part 1)

August 5, 2017

There are many reasons that can decrease page load speed, one of them may depend on the hosting Vietnam.

The world seems to have grown into a space where everybody wants everything instantly. Nobody would want to spend their time waiting for a web to spin and load at its own pace. The speed of site loading matters a lot! Webpages that load fast perform well on all fronts: more engagement, higher conversion and user experience. Google has also added load speed to its ranking algorithms and ever since this criterion has turned out to be the buzzword in SEO.

Although this Google algorithm has been around for almost half a decade nowadays, even now there is lots of incomplete or inaccurate advice related to page load speed. However, many experts believe that web hosting in Vietnam is one of the most ignored aspects related to load speed.

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Impact in real world

Real-word advantages of enhancing the loading speed are usually overstated. However there’re several benefits of speeding up the loading of your webpages.


The load speed of your web may affect your Google rankings to a great extent as it is a part of the search engine giant, Google’s recent ranking algorithm update. However, it isn’t very clearly defined as to what extent this factor is considered as a ranking criterion in SEO.


Impact that this aspect of loading speed has on the users is perhaps far more when compared to its Google ranking impact. Some research have documented the effects on user experience and this has showed that slow load speeds lead to reduced rates of conversion, especially in case of e-commerce website hosting Vietnam. The enhancement in the rate of conversion may be so crucial for big e-retailers, but websites with less traffic might experience negligible to small monetary benefit.


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