How does hosting Vietnam affect the page loading speed? (part 2)

August 5, 2017

Upgrading your hosting Vietnam is necessary in case of there are many users browsing your website at the same time.

What makes website hosting an important factor?

When the user browses through a website and tries to load a page, they are necessarily operating programs and accessing files from the web server. If that webserver is fast enough, the webpage which you’re trying to access will also load faster. The 3 main tasks which the remote computer has to finish are: execute code, run database queries and serve files.

Why are few elements in hosting packages that have an impact on speed?

How would you opt for website hosting Vietnam that can help in improving the web page load speed of your website? The factors that contribute to a fast hosting plan are same as the ones which make your computer run quicker.

Dedicated resources: This’s an important factor to consider when selecting a web hosting plan as it can prevents the other websites from consuming your website’s resources like processor and memory. Therefore, choosing dedicated server or VPS rather than selecting a shared plan can have a big impact on the web load speed.

Fast hard drive: When compared to a standard hard drive, a SSD is capable of faster file loading, so that leading to faster performance.

More resources: More memory and processing power implies that your server can perform execution of requests faster. A dedicated server will offer considerably more resources.

Local resources: Keeping your resources on the webserver directly can improve performance as against having them on another server with shared hosting.

Hosting Vietnam

To what extent can faster hosting enhance page load speed?

Upgrading your web hosting Vietnam can have a positive impact on your site load speed, particularly for resource intensive websites. However, the impact may be smaller if your website is less resource intensive or is already on a comparatively fast web hosting.

If you’re trying to optimize your site to enhance load speed, code optimization is not the only choice. Remember to cross-check if your hosting plan needs an upgrade to farther enhance performance.

Using a CDN service can also be of great solution in speeding up ecommerce portals, and sites which have heavy data, which otherwise drastically hamper the performance and page load times.


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