How to choose the best video hosting Vietnam for merchants

November 29, 2017

This post is intended for those who want use video hosting Vietnam and sell video content online to clients who pay to see your content.

Online video selling is lucrative if you have content which is desirable, but it is also potentially risky as it is easy for someone to copy your content and compete with you.

To make a successful video hosting business, you just need to host a lot of exclusive high quality content. Video is not cheap to produce and host. So, you have to make good decisions right from the outset. With the advice that follows, we will try to help you make the best decisions so you have the best chance of succeeding.

If you are going to host the video yourself, you will need your own network of high speed dedicated servers.  A more economical way to do it is to use a pay per view video hosting service.  You can easily find it by searching on Google.

Hosting Vietnam

Try to get a service which charges a percentage of your revenue rather than charging you a flat fee monthly as:

  • In case you pay a flat fee, it puts more pressure on you
  • In case you pay a flat fee, the hosting in Vietnam has no vested interest in securing your content
  • In case you pay a flat fee, you pay even if nobody watches your video
  • More pressure on you means you will probably spend more to attract viewers
  • In case you spend more to attract viewers and you fail, you lose twice over

When you pay to attract viewers and there is no flat fee, the vendor taking a percentage of the pay per view fee instead, all the budget you spend to attract viewers is working for you, not a means of catching up on your existing costs.

Are you charging a one-off fee for a single viewing/download or create memberships where clients can view and download videos whenever they want if they have paid their membership fee? There are many businesses who have made a success of both approaches. Once you have decided which revenue model to apply, you will then need to create some way for the user to pay for it.

This is where it gets important. You need to ensure that you design a flawless payment gateway that is easy to use and preferably offers the maximum number of ways to pay. If you are hosting on a pay per view service, this is already taken care of for you, but here you will want to choose a service offering the most ways for clients to pay, as if the only option is credit card, you will lose a lot of potential clients.

For downloadable video where there is no streaming, any Vietnamese hosting will do, but you need a high bandwidth resource to cope with all the downloads or you need the actual downloadable file to be stored on a file sharing service and just have the link available through your payment gateway.  This is potentially more troublesome for you as there is nothing to stop somebody from sharing the download link with others once you have published it. However, if you store the file on your own server, then you can use automation to change the download link whenever it is accessed.


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