How to find clients for new hosting Vietnam companies

September 16, 2017

Finding new clients is always big problem when starting new hosting Vietnam companies. Here we bring you some methods to reach new clients.

  1. Participation in forums

One of the best ways to attract new client is to actively participate in relevant forums. Remember that your posts will be not useless like “You need cheap hosting – check it out now”…. It must contain quality content, pointing out to the reader that you know what you are talking about. Beside, you should put in their way the signature and a link to the website of your hosting company if the forum rules allow it.

  1. Find your target group

Firstly, when you go to work, depending on the amount of knowledge and capital, it’s vital to find your niche target group. You can’t initially provide all possible hosting in Vietnam that you know yourself because you can’t endure it all yourself as a beginner. Define your target audience, your target group which will be converted and will use your services.

  1. Writing a blog

Potential clients like to see that the provider they work with really knows their job, and this will be achieved by taking a blog and writing about topics related to hosting. Show that you know your job, and share your knowledge with others. This will attract new users, as interesting and useful blog will be shared on forums, social networks…

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  1. Recommendations of satisfied clients

Good news travels fast, is an old proverb. When you get the first few clients, ensure that they’re satisfied with your services, as they’re the biggest advertisement for your business. If the client is satisfied, he/she will continue recommending you to their friends, acquaintances, colleagues… It’s by far the most effective and best method of advertising.

  1. Sponsoring other websites

Find a few webs that in your opinion have quality content, contact them and try to arrange the collaboration. The vast majority of web owners don’t have much money for a web hosting in Vietnam, so they will come in handy for you, and in return you will get a campaign that you use to increase the possibility of finding new clients. Of course, you really have to put in a lot of work and do everything properly.

  1. Social media marketing

Once you start a hosting business, it is vital to create profiles on social networks like Facebook, G+, Instagram, Twitter, and become active in them. Create interesting and useful content. Don’t be aggressive sellers that non-stop post the link to your web in the status, but create interesting content associated with hosting. And then, if you’re able, hire a social media agency to do this part of the job for you in the best way possible.
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