How to identify vietnam hosting services

October 25, 2016

Currently there are many different kinds of Vietnam hosting services. It is necessary to choose which is suitable with your web needs.

Free web hosting

Free hosting in Vietnam service is usually chosen when you build the non-critical website. This service has many disadvantages such as slow connection speed, higher website downtime rate and automatic advertising banners. Besides that many providers require you to buy domain name to get free hosting services, while others offer you a free subdomain such as [yourdomainname].[webhost].[com]. You cannot be possible to transfer free subdomains like that, so be careful.


Dedicated web hosting

This is a best solution for websites that need total system resources and a high level of security. If you rent a physical server from a hosting service Vietnam provider, you will get the web server totally. That means you have all the server’s resources entirely and full control permissions.  A dedicated server will get more effective performance because you do not have to share with others. However you will have to pay the total cost of server operation. If you are intent to buy a dedicated web hosting, you should consider the costs of system administrator and support customer service.

Reseller web hosting

This hosting package is based on a shared hosting account with greater technical control that is suitable for enterprises in business. The web content copywriter, database programmer, website designer, graphic designer, digital marketing consultant… can be customer of reseller web hosting. Wholesale usually get discount, that’s why there are many companies purchasing web space to resell to their customers.


Colocation web hosting/server

In this case, you have to rent the rack space from a data center to contain your own server hardware. You have to be capable of controlling your own server software, backup process, data storage and so on. The provider will be responsible for electricity power, system security and the Internet connection. If hardware gets errors, you have to fix or replace as well as backup server.

Cloud based web hosting

Cloud hosting Vietnam service uses the resources of group of servers, seems to be like a giant server. This technology will use server virtualization to meet all the demands of hosting your website system. The security is ensured, the load speed is balanced, and hardware resources are always virtually available so your website can be access at any time. Cloud Based Web Hosting will allow hundreds of single servers to work together.


Shared web hosting

In shared web hosting environment, your website is hosted on a server shared by other websites. This service does not only share physical server but also software applications. The main purpose of this method is to save cost and system resources. Shared hosting service get affordable price because there are many website owners share one server. However, down-site situation and slow loading speed usually happen, your website performance are also affected.

Remember that before signing up for a best web hosting in Vietnam, you have to know what kind will be suitable for your business needs as well as your budget.