How to protect your hosting Vietnam from DDoS attacks

October 19, 2017

If your sites go down due to traffic overload, you may be a victim of DDoS attack. Here’re ways to protect hosting Vietnam from DDoS attack.

  1. Block spoofed IP addresses

In simple English, the word ‘spoofing’ means ‘imitate (something) whilst exaggerating its characteristic features for comic effect’. Prevention of IP address forgery leads to harmful DDoS attack and you have to focus on the following methods to stop IP address spoofing.

  • Change the configuration of your routers and switches so that they can reject packets coming from outside your network automatically.
  • Concentrate on using reverse path forwarding or IP verify. Its operation is similar to an anti-spam solution.
  • Filter both inbound and outbound traffic to improve DDoS protection.
  • Create an access control list to deny all inbound traffic with a particular source IP.
  • Concentrate on encrypting different sessions on your router to allow trusted Vietnamese hosting providers who are outside your network.
  1. Drop packets from obvious sources of attack

DDoS attacks have the potential to create the devastation on your business and you need to stop traffic from false sources at any cost. Focus on using the access list at the perimeter of network to prevent malicious activities. Moreover, instruct the router to drop packets from IPs that are obvious sources of attack. You can rate limit your router to add another layer of protection. And, with the increase of network attack, this solution will only buy time and delay the ramping up of the threat.

Hosting Vietnam

  1. Install secured VPS

So as to save a few dollars, many enterprises choose the lowest price hosting plans. Whilst the initial cost is low, the threat of DDoS is attack is outrageous. Setting up a secured VPS provides DDoS protection and reduces the probability of an attack.

With a secured VPS, your site has its own operating system, unique IP address, portioned space, thereby isolating the site from cyberattacks. Besides, secured VPS hosting Vietnam provides full access to console, which helps in eliminating the potential malware.

In conclusion, DDoS secured VPS takes away the headache and makes use of the latest technology to put your site in the driving seat.

  1. Use a dedicated server

Purchasing a dedicated hosting server will provide you with more bandwidth, control over security, and countless resources. With a dedicated server as your first layer of defense, you can successfully operate your website with thousands of legitimate clients without worrying about anything. Obviously, dedicated servers are not cheap, but the advantages clearly outweigh any monetary problem you face because of lack of the DDoS protection.

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