Protect your hosting Vietnam from cyber attack

October 30, 2017

Identifying cyber-attack & mitigating the risks are a fact of life. Anticipating risks now will protect your hosting Vietnam in the future.

Now in this post we share more personal information over the Internet than ever before. Unfortunately, poorly secured websites make it easy for anyone to gather, for instance, the account information we enter whilst banking online or the social security numbers we use when applying for a job on the Internet.

Nowadays, we are all vulnerable to attack, the Internet a veritable jungle of risks that only seem to multiply with time. If you do not think you are at risk, consider the signal below:

  1. Reused login passwords

We have all heard that we need to create unique passwords for every application and hosting vn which requires one but many of us continue to use the same passwords many times, a fact that attackers are all too aware of. Using 1 old password for all login is like using one key to unlock other doors of your home, car and your mailbox. If somebody is able to get a hold of that one key, you will lose your world.

  1. Clicked on an anti-virus pop up

Have you ever seen – and clicked on – an anti-virus pop up? If so, you may have installed malware which can monitor your online actions and keystrokes, and gather and send your confidential data straight to the attacker.

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  1. Opened a questionable email

Not all of those who have experience in the field of web hosting Vietnam are always careful with questionable email. Have you ever clicked on a link or opened an attachment inside an email that appeared to be authentic communication from subscription service, a bank or online payment site but wasn’t? If yes, there’s a good chance you have been compromised, falling for one of the most common ways cyber criminals go after unsuspecting victims: the phishing scam.

It is true that these threats are real and persistent. And again, make no mistake about it: cyber criminals will go after the most vulnerable targets. If you are not taking precautions to protect your hosting, you are essentially low-hanging fruit just waiting to be picked.


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