Small email hosting survival guide (part 1)

August 11, 2017

Administrating email hosting Vietnam seems to be an expensive function, particularly for SMEs looking for saving solutions for the same.

Social networking is continuing to gain better popularity nowadays, but still emails are the most definitive choice for messaging, easily surpassing all other electronic communication forms even in this modern world filled with a lot of apps.

Many businesses find that it is a difficult task to operate their own mail servers due to the incessant efforts by the spammers to dispatch outbound spam and pounding massive inbound spam through the mail servers. Because of most of the enterprises facing such issues happen to be small to middle-sized ones, they’re usually short of in-house technic solutions for properly configuring and operating the email hosting services and managing such threats. This’s why some businesses outsource their requirements to external service vendors at a significant cost.

email hosting

However, it is not just about the cost, outsourcing these demands may not seem to be an expensive affair, but it also comes with the following hidden risks too:

  1. The business can lose control of its own mail safety. The outsourcing enterprise manages server-based authentication & encryption that may need extra encryption for sensitive communication, but it is not in the hands of business owner anymore.
  2. The biggest hurdle is that another enterprise can view all the message contents. The message content sometimes may be hosted on the servers of the outsourcing company indefinitely. These downsides are significant.
  3. The conditions and terms of the outsourcing providers, at times, may permit it to scan the contents of the email hosting Vietnam for business to help in aiming advertising, so that posing even higher confidentiality and privacy intrusion threats.
  4. Sharing the mail server with other businesses can cause delivery problems when a person at the other company sends spam messages via that mail server.

This may increase the risk if the outsourcing company is not able to detect the spam and block it.

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