Smart way to choose hosting Vietnam for WordPress

September 28, 2017

In terms of popularity, shared hosting Vietnam commands the highest popularity among WordPress website owners.

The sheer popularity of hosting completely shadows the truth behind some of the most commonly used cliches such as ‘unlimited shred hosting packages’ ‘easy and affordable hosting solutions’ and so forth.

One should always read between the lines, especially when it is concerned with the vital decision of choosing a hosting package for your WordPress website.

  1. Web hosting- a critical perspective

It is not very difficult to understand the meaning of web hosting. Generally, a ‘web hosting’ is a shared hosting. It is as simple as that. But is it really so straightforward? Hosting vendors make huge profits by offering hosting packages to individual clients who think that they have got the best deal for their money. This can complicate things further. If a client is paying almost 1/10th of what he or she would be paying for a dedicated server hosting, then where is the catch? There is not just one payment. In fact, there are many times! How many times you have come across claims about unlimited resources like bandwidth, data transfer, hard disk, or domains?

The answer itself can be ‘unlimited times’! Have you ever given it a thought that is it practically possible to offer any resource as unlimited to customers? Let us imagine, just for the sake of an argument that every tenant of web hosting Vietnam starts using the resources to the fullest, then webhosting would come to a grinding halt. This is the practical side of web hosting.

Every client is allocated certain amount of resources and all resources are shared among number of clients in a web hosting. This means that you can never expect to get ‘unlimited bandwidth’ and so many other resources, especially if you are having a web hosting account. The resources are excruciatingly limited and are more than sufficient for smaller websites with meager amount of traffic. Web hosting services have their own methods to handle visitors who are over-utilizing their allocated resources in web hosting. You can come across hosts that will peacefully suspend your account without showing a simple courtesy of informing you about it. Some may notify you by email, but only after they have suspended your account. Such issues can be very frustrating. One of the biggest issues with web hosting vendors is that of overselling. These hosts go on cramming websites to exploit the server resources without giving a damn to the plight of tenants. It is like staying in a cheap settlement that is crammed by inmates.

So, the million dollar question is how to select the right WordPress hosting vendor. And the simple answer is to look for reputed vendors without getting bogged down by the inflated list of features and offerings that could be of hardly any use to you.

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  1. Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress Hosting

The most prominent advantage of WordPress hosting is the cost. It is much more affordable than dedicated WordPress Vietnamese hosting. Thanks to technological advances, majority of vendors offer control panel for ease of administration including cPanel and so on. The technical support helps client more efficiently focus on their key responsibilities and functions.

On the demerits side, WordPress Hosting can be found to be slower than dedicated WordPress hosting. The element of overselling can lead to resource crunch leading to frequent downtime issues. The clients are advised to check for such events with other website owners to rule out the possibility. It must be noted that WordPress is an extremely lightweight solution and is not highly resource intensive. Then, it’s commonly used in a hosting environment. In fact, many reputed hosting vendors have excelled in offering WordPress optimized hosting packages.