Tips for a smooth cloud hosting Vietnam migration

December 22, 2017

This post helps you along the way to a well-managed migration, and all benefits that a cloud hosting Vietnam can bring to your business.

Be comprehensive in your current environment analysis

The best way to start your cloud hosting migration is with a comprehensive analysis of your current environment. Take the time to do this thoroughly – for example, for each app you will need to think about the portability of licensing, compatibility, any custom development work, along with security and compliance implications.

Generally, a comprehensive analysis of your current environment is vital – it will help you identify any possible pitfalls and correct or otherwise address them before they become speed bumps during the migration itself.

Choose a the suitable platform

One of your first tasks when planning an IaaS migration will be to choose a cloud platform based on the requirements of your business. Many first-time cloud buyers assume this is mostly a matter of cost and functionality, but there is actually a lot more to consider – different platforms vary wildly in terms of complexity and ease of use, for example, so it is vitals to assess whether the skills and resources you have at your disposal are better suited to one over another.

You should also consider the availability of support for the platform, whether from your cloud vendor or elsewhere. If there is an issue with the platform and you need assistance from a 3rd party, you will want a fast and effective response – and preferably from someone who understands your business.

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Testing your cloud environment carefully

Again, testing your cloud environment before you go live may sound like an obvious way to ensure a smooth IaaS migration. However, it is easy to underestimate the level of diligence and attention to detail this requires.

Therefore once you have got your cloud environment in place, you will want to ensure that your apps are stable and bug-free. In addition, look at how they perform in their new setting: what is latency like, and are you confident that your allocated resources will be able to handle your expected levels of traffic.

Another important part of testing is to make sure that support processes and procedures are in full working order ahead of setting the environment live.

Minimize disruption with a phased rollout

Finally, if possible, conduct a phased rollout. This will keep the risk of downtime or disruption to a minimum, make the migration easier to manage for both you and your clients, and allow you to troubleshoot and fix any problems before they cause too many problems.

Keep your clients in the loop

If the apps you plan on moving to the cloud are client-facing, it is important that you keep your clients in the loop and informed well in advance of any scheduled downtime. Besides, if there is a significant risk of unplanned downtime or disruption during the migration, it is worth making clients aware and having a business continuity plan available in case it affects them.


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