Why anonymous web hosting in Vietnam is in great demand (part 1)

April 21, 2017

Many of us don’t want to reveal our web hosting in Vietnam’s IP, domain ownership information, and sensible facts related to a popular site.

This is where anonymous web hosting comes into the picture.


Beware – anybody can see your hosting infomation

If somebody gets inquisitive to know the hosting details of a particular domain name, he or she can take help of WhoIs look-up, simply type the domain and see the complete information about the hosting, ownership of the domain, the date of creation of a website and more…

Anonymous hosting makes sure that a simple WhoIs look-up gives no information about the hosted domain, and this can be a great asset to hide the important information from competitors and the hackers.


Anonymous domain names are privately registered and they are booked in the 3rd party’s name that ensures that nobody can reach you through your domain name as your information is not maintained anywhere.

Types of anonymous hosting

One thing is to be noticed here is that any reputed web hosting vendor will never encourage illegal activities through these means. Anonymity is often maintained to encourage people like famous bloggers that need their words to reach out the people but without knowing their identity or mostly to safeguard the secrets of a particular organization from the rest of the world.

There basically are 2 types of anonymous hosting providers, the ones who ask for your identification before making you anonymous and the others who respect your anonymity from the word go.


Moreover, the ones who do not ask for customer identification are more popular and hence get more business and most of them happen to be offshore hosting providers too. The enterprises or hosting neither ask for customer’s name or address, but open the account by providing a relationship number that much assures that the client’s identity will never be divulged, no matter what the situation can be.