Why free hosting Vietnam is not the best choice for your site

November 22, 2017

Hosting Vietnam can sometimes be a confusing topic for those who are new to the digital world.

With many choices available these days, it can be easy to fall for common misunderstandings about hosting. The word “free” can be very tempting in the birthing stages of your site, but before you make any decisions, let’s have a look at why free hosting may not be the best choice for your site.


Most free hosting vendors are US based, creating challenges with getting support in our local time one when it is required. They even do not offer 24/7 tech support, which can be a problem should your site crash in the middle of the night. The tech support for a great paid hosting plan should be available to you round the clock, despite what day or time it is – something you will not be able to get with a free plan.

Limited functionality

Many free Vietnamese hosting plans do not provide the configuration flexibility required to successfully operate most sites. For a fully functional and flexible site, paid hosting that supports PHP, CGI-BIN, MySQL, SSI, and ASP features is what you definitely need to be going for. For long term, for a successful site, the limited configuration of a free hosting may complicate and create unnecessary problems that could be avoided when you start off with a reliable paid hosting.

Hosting Vietnam

Limited bandwidth and disk space

Free hosting generally comes with quite a limited amount of space allotted to your pages. What does this mean? It means that if you are keen on growing your site, or hosting a blog with a lot of pages on it, free hosting is out of the question. Although many free hosting plans advertise their services as ‘unlimited’, the fact is that disk space is clearly a finite resource. Free hosts will also be using cheaper and slower servers to run your site, which is often a great annoyance to your audience.

Contain advertisements

Free web hosting Vietnam usually comes with advertising on your site that you may not be able to control or even want in the first place. Free hosting will place advertising for themselves or affiliate links on your home page or all of your pages, as they see fit. Such a high frequency of ads can be a turn off to many users, luring them away from your site. Moreover, since it is free hosting, there is nothing you can do about these annoying ads.

Finally, you are recommended that you use a reliable paid hosting for your fresh start up, blog or new site. Though free hosting may be tempting in the beginning, always keep in mind that these services are mainly provided from overseas, may cause your site to run slow, and you may incur a small penalty from Google for not having your site hosted close to the location of your visitors.


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